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Hall of Fame Coach Jim Winterton, has been coaching racquetball since 1973. Over the past 38 years Jim has taught, competed with, and coached the top names in the game. Honing his craft over those years, Jim never lost touch with the ultimate goal, helping people. In 2011, Jim did something no coach has ever done before, coached the number one male and female pros in the world.

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Creativity 202

After the skills have been mastered; forehand, backhand, drive serve, serve return, conditioning, shot selection, nutrition, and positioning comes that one area that is really hard to teach. That...

B-E Creative, B-E Creative!!

Let’s do this in a cheer!! Be creative-B-E-Creative–like the old be agrresive-B-E-Agressive– So I am viewing my early morning videos of my athletes and I see well-coached minions hitting...

Winning At What Cost?

It is a long road to racquetball excellence; more observations from the IRF Junior World Championships I noticed a few things. The Coaching has improved in all the countries...

Great Racquetball Drill-or Great FB Noise?

Another day another well-meaning coaching post on face book. Coach thinks they have discovered another great workout routine. My coaching compadre in Bolivia sent it to me immediately. This...