FullSizeRenderThomas Carter IRT Pro, USA team member, National College Champion.  Thomas Carter is now available to teach camps in your hometown! Thomas is the 2017 National Intercollegiate Champion and has earned a spot on the US Men’s National Team. He recently graduated college and will be playing on the pro tour full time this year. In the past, Thomas has assisted Coach Winterton with many camps and has taught many private lessons. He has also been coached by Jim Winterton for over five years now, where he has climbed his way up the ranks from A player to pro. During this time, Thomas has learned the Winterton racquetball system inside and out. Hire Thomas to come teach you the secret sauce! Email CoachW@WintertonRacquetball.co m to set up the Camp with Carter experience today!”
To take advantage of this email Thomas at thomas_f_carter@yahoo.com and use the promo Code-Coach W. 
A message from Coach Winterton:
2017-28 was the most successful year to date for WintertonRacquetball.Com. To keep up with the demand I have added a couple of great instructor-players. My athletes have to have three things:
1. A great attitude. People who think they are better than everyone are not welcome to my staff.
2. A willingness to learn. People who think they know it all are not welcome either.
3. Great teachers and players. My athletes can compete with anyone on the planet and out-teach everyone also due to the knowledge of the “secret sauce”!
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