Coach Winterton’s Individual Racquetball Coaching Plans & Pricing




Hire the same Coach the top male and female players in the world have hired! Ask yourself, “What do the top female and male players in the world know that the average athlete does not?”


Find out, hire the Coach!

Each athlete’s analysis takes time, and Coach Winterton can only work with a few athletes. Coach is also on the road coaching pros, doing camps and clinics, and certifying instructors. This leaves just enough time to work with you! There was a long list of athletes last year and Coach was able to work with only a few students. In every case athletes improved two levels of play.


Why choose six months or one year?

Last year Coach Winterton offered a three month option. What happened? Everyone who took three months stopped training after three months. Everyone who purchased the one year or six month program kept improving dramatically. TO BE THE BEST, YOU MUST TRAIN LIKE THE BEST! A Committed athlete guarantees success!


The Process:

Just click on the ENROLL ME button below OR here for the coaching plan you would like to select. Choose from the Six month coaching plan at $229.95/mo or Annual coaching plan at $199.95/mo – BEST VALUE- then click the Enroll Me button to proceed to our secure PayPal checkout page where you will provide your financial information to complete your online purchase.


No PayPal account required to checkout, you only need a valid credit or debit card:

You only need a valid credit card or debit card if you do not have a PayPal Account currently. To checkout without a PayPal account just click on the “No PayPal Account? Pay using your credit or debit card” link right beneath the PayPal login page and it will direct you to a new page to enter your credit card information to complete your transaction.


Waiver required:

You will be required to fill out a USA Racquetball Event Release Form. This form is required before Coach Winterton can begin instruction. Please email coach and complete this form then send it to Coach Winterton. Coach Winterton will provide you with his contact information on where you can send the signed waiver to once your payment has been processed.



Coach Winterton will contact you as soon as your payment has been processed. The remaining monthly payments will be automatically billed via PayPal each month with the payment info you used to purchase the coaching plan and will be billed monthly based on your enrollment date until your coaching plan expires. Private lessons must be reserved with Coach Winterton in advance and is based upon availability. Note: The required waiver must be signed and delivered to Coach Winterton before instruction can begin.


What it includes:

  1. Complete online racquetball camp
  2. Racquetball CD with over 100 drills
  3. Mental training, and nutritional information
  4. Complete interactive workouts
  5. Coach Winterton will be available for optional Bi-weeklycoaching sessions
  6. Optional half day training session with Coach if you wish to travel to Syracuse NY (must make appt with coach)
  7. Telestration of video and analysis