Kane Waselenchuk

Kane Waselenchuk12 World Titles, 12x US Open Champion, Owner of unbelievable records such as over 100 tournament wins and 12 US Opens.  

“Whatever your level, beginner or advanced, Coach Winterton will lift your game to heights you never thought possible. He takes the time to find out exactly what you need to better your game.  I trust him and so should you!”


Why Monthly Coaching?

The answer is simple. You have to commit to win.

Unlike other programs, I tailor yours to your strengths and weaknesses.

Beware: If someone tells you that you do not have to change your mechanics and footwork, they are right. You do not have to.

But you do have to if:

  • You want to play pain free.
  • You want to have consistent performance.
  • You want to keep improving beyond the few lessons.
  • Once you become a student in monthly coaching, Coach Winterton is your coach.
  • Be totally committed, and will work with you to reach your goals.
  • Coach  will help you set up a program, training schedule, and will do weekly checks.

The one and done lesson sessions just do not work. It is more than shot selection! Not what you do, but also how you do it!

What do you get for monthly coaching?

Four hours of lessons per month, a $440 value (some athletes travel to Phoenix once every few months and I spend a couple of days training them)


Video lessons every seven to ten days. On the video I give feedback and spend a lot of time with body integrity.


Racquetballtv.com-a dartfish platform with over 100 drills and also workouts put together for you with video demonstrations.


Gototraining.com-I use this to collaborate with athletes on their programs and go over video together online.


Upload of workout program. On my website you can upload your weekly and monthly schedules, and we can go over them. Often I can find time for your families or work or school as well as make your time more efficient.


Match coaching when feasible. I travel to the US Nationals, Pro nationals and Junior Nationals.


Intangibles-since I had my first national champion in 1977, and played over 30 years of open and open age division play, I know the game. Consider this: I have coached or taught almost all of the other coaches out there! Another intangible are the athletes you get to hit with when you visit me. If your timing is right you will hit with top open players, and even national champions as they drift in and out of the training center.


Exclusive weekly reader-information for Winterton current athletes only-advice from the world of competition in sport and life as well as some of the “secret sauce” I do not share publicly!



Alex Barch

Penn State Racquetball

Coach Winterton has been great. He has not only helped me with my game, but has improved my ability to teach myself. He has a great eye for getting to the fundamentals of a given problem. In the short time we’ve worked together I’ve had some great wins, but most importantly I feel like a more complete player.


Chuck Bartosch

“I’ve worked with Coach Winterton for the past 3 years. Jim is a coach in the truest sense of the word. He not only looks closely at your mechanics, but focuses on both strategy, tactics, while putting together a training plan tuned to your skills and your time that will move your to the top levels of play. He has studied the game for decades and brings a wealth of knowledge, and approaches to coaching, that are unmatched in my experience.

The bottom line is, my game has improved dramatically, and I can now beat opponents I thought I’d never have a shot at.”


Courtney Chisholm

4x National Champion, 1x World Champion, USA Jr. National Team Member 2008

“Coach Winterton is a great instructor. He does not settle for anything less than what is expected of you. Coach Winterton has given me the drive, determination, and diligence to be a champion”

Christopher Cole

1992 USRA National Singles Champion, 1992 IRF World Singles Champion, 1994-95 US Junior Team Head Coach

I worked with Coach Winterton both as a player on the US Adult National Racquetball Team (2 yrs) and as fellow coaches at the USRA Elite Training Camp (7 yrs) held at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Without hesitation I recommend Coach Winterton working with players of any racquetball skill level, from pros to amateurs, age-division to juniors. Most coaches work well with one particular group of players, but Coach Winterton excels with every skill level across the spectrum, a testament to his coaching acumen. His competition record (undefeated) as US Team Head Coach is irrefutable and his passion for the game, respect for players from all countries and good spirit are tangibly sincere. He is a USRA-inducted Hall of Famer and one of the best people in racquetball.



Ann Harch

Finalist women’s A division NY State championships 2008
Director of Pluto space mission operations

“In my humble opinion, Jim Winterton has an unparalleled knowledge of this sport and can communicate it to anyone who truly has a desire to learn. He will patiently go through what ever you’re working on a thousand times until you get it. And literally, that’s what it took to overhaul my forehand. He will take you as far as you have the willingness to push yourself.  It’s not always pretty or fun during the process. In fact, most of the time I was convinced I would NEVER get it. And I was on the verge of tears on more than one occasion.  But the results stand for themselves. I’ve played three times now at the New York State Singles tournament and the improvement has been unmistakable. In spring ’08, I made a respectable showing in the Women’s Open, and was extremely pleased to lose the Women’s A by only 4 points in the tie breaker to a college kid. … I’m getting stronger, smarter, more skilled and better with each passing month. I feel the sky is the limit because I’m willing to work and I am lucky enough to have the best coach in the world of racquetball.”

Jim Hiser

Executive Director of USA Racquetball

“I consider Jim Winterton to be one of the few premier instructors in the country. I have known Jim for over 30 years. We worked together to organize and develop the first comprehensive training camps in the country,  which at that time were the only camps that really incorporated all facets of racquetball—nutrition, mental training, fitness, video tape analysis, etc. There is no question that Jim is the most experienced instructor in the country and has had the unique opportunity of  teaching with all the best instructors in the country. From basics to advanced instruction there is no better instructor.”



Brad Kirch

“Coach Winterton has worked with me since I started playing racquetball. He is the best coach because no matter your skill level, he can brad_kirchchange your game and help you improve. He’s been the BEST coach I’ve ever had in any sports and is a great mentor!”




Kara Mazur

3 time national champion

“Is it true that “practice makes perfect”? Not so much. What Jim Winterton has embedded in my brain and taught me over years of coaching is that PERFECT practice makes perfect. I didn’t win my first national singles from goofing off at practice or only putting forth 80%. ……..I would travel 6 hour weekends just to visit Coach Winterton for a training session and he would give me lists of drills and training schedules to be implemented into my daily life…. I chose to believe in his training methods and sure enough he helped lead me to my first national singles title, to be followed by other milestone wins like high school national champion and intercollegiate national champion. Jim Winterton has blessed me with his knowledge of the game and given me so much valuable advice that I would not be where I am today without his coaching. All the notes I have from lessons with him still sit in my racquetball bag and when something is just not going right while training, I will look to those notes for guidance.”


Wil Mercado

Arlington, Texas

“Coach Winterton has come up with a great idea and I am one of the 1st to benefit from it. I live almost 2000 miles away from Coach but he is the only one I trust to elevate my game. He has now given me the opportunity to post videos of me on www.Youtube.com where he critics my entire game thru emails and phone conversations. He breaks down my game from strokes, footwork, serves and more. He then develops a plan of action, giving me the tools and knowledge I need to improve my game. I can honestly say this has been a great advantage for me as I am seeing improvements everyday. I am training for the 09′ US Open and expect to do very well. Imagine competing in basketball games and tournaments and having Phil Jackson coach you….this is the same thing! Coach Winterton is by far the best coach in the WORLD, 1 session with him will make you believe, and now it doesn’t matter where you live. I’m proud to say Coach Jim Winterton is my coach.”


Nick Montalbano


16 junior national doubles champion, bronze medalist 16 and under 2008

“Coach Winterton has brought the level of my game up over a short period of time. I’ve had great results and hope I can take my game even further! He has made me feel very motivated and enthusiastic. An hour on the court with Winterton will be the most informative hour of your life!”



Rhonda Rajsich

4x US Open Champion, Current IRF World Champion, August 2008, Ireland
WPRO #1 player 2006, 2007
, 2011
“Coach Winterton isn’t just an amazing coach because he knows the game
of racquetball so well, but because he is constantly evolving with therhonda_rajsich_coach_winter
game. He coaches the athlete. He shows how to use strengths and
improve weaknesses, and use individual talents to take it to the next
level. His dedication to his players’ improvement is unparalleled,
and I am truly grateful for all that I have learned from him. The
best part is, I know that there is so much more to come! Thanks


Bob Russell

“Thank you for the best instructional day of racquetball I have ever had. When I started playing 15 years ago I have tried to figure it out myself. I would take my beatings and try to learn from them. By trying hard and playing harder I have become a pretty good league player. Saturday will help me move my game to the next level. The way you explained the proper form, drills and strategies makes it easy to become a little better. While life gets in the way of really increasing my racquetball potential, last Saturday will help me be the best player I can be. Thanks again and I look forward to attending another clinic in the future.”


Kim Russell-Waselenchuk

5 time US National doubles champion

kim_russell_waselenchuk 3 time World Doubles Champion“Coach Winterton was the USA team coach my first year representing the US in competition.  Not only did he bring a new, successful strategy to my game, but he inspired the utmost confidence in me as well.  Playing under him as head coach made it a true honor to play for my country.”


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